Cinnamon Hill Folk Art
Zimbelstern Door Bell

When a signal from an actuator is detected, the bells are set in motion. The bells rotate along with the cola can airplanes making a beautiful tinkling sound.

This doorbell imitates the Zimbelsterns one finds on Baroque organs in Germany. The Zimbelstern was turned on during the singing of Christmas Hymns to lift the spirits of the congregation. We hope our Zimbelstern lifts your spirits also.

The brass bells used come from different parts of the world including Germany, Austria, and India.

Adjustments can be made for the length of time the bells sound after actuation and for the speed of the bell rotation.

Size: 14" high.

Materials used for the Zimbelstern Door Bell: Old hinged box, various brass bells, assorted brass candlestick parts, gearmotor, Cinnamon Hill custom designed circuit board.

$500 complete with choice of actuator (except Alpine Bell Ringer, $100 extra).

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