Welcome to the Website for the Ubuntu Choir of the Great Smoky Mountains.

We are members of the world wide Ubuntu Community Choir Network headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia.
A list of the member choirs can be found at Ubuntuchoirs.net

So, What’s So Good About Singing?

Tom Tyre, Musicianary to “would be singers”

After directing an a cappella choir for six years and singing at the Chateau de Versailles, Tom also started leading Song Gatherings to offer opportunities for people to sing who don’t ordinarily get to do so. Some may get to sing if they are part of a religious community; and there are community choirs for those who can make the weekly commitment to rehearsals. Song Gatherings aren’t rehearsals for concerts or special events, they are simply occasions to sing in harmony. They are for loosening the bindings of everyday life and for surrendering to the divine creative process of singing. Experience is not necessary. There are no auditions. All are welcome.

Song Gatherings for Everyone

Tom has led Song Gatherings in North Carolina, Colorado, Georgia and Florida. He is a singer, song writer, arranger and instrumental musician, playing guitar, banjo, and fiddle.

What people say about our Song Gatherings:

“I love singing with you . Your presence is such a gift to us all. I love the know-ledge and energy you impart everytime we gather. I’m sure sometimes it’s like hearding cats with all of our different personalities, however, you deal with each of us, and then all of us, collectively with such love and respect. “ Sheryl R.

“Tom, You bring such a wonderful spirit of joy - and knowledge and leadership - to all our sessions. I came to Ubuntu Singing because a friend suggested it after the death of my beloved husband. I’ve found that being in Ubuntu gives me times of great joy amid the grief. I am grateful to the group and especially to you.” Sarah H.

I am grateful for the harmonies, the rhythms, the lyrics in many languages, the dancing, the sharing of joys and pains, the laughter, and most of all for the music, which rolls everything together and binds it with a red silk ribbon. L. F. L.

Broaden your horizons with songs from around the world

Eight Friends Singing in the new year on top of Wayah Bald in the Great Smoky Mountains

Singing In Beautiful, Resonant Places is Magical

The interior of this tower rings like a bell.

Here, in the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina, we Ubuntu singers gather to sing uplifting songs from around the world, in several languages, in harmony.
We are not a performance group although we occasionally sing in public. We sing to be a part of something that is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the meaning of the word, UBUNTU.

The beginnings of Ubuntu. Chris Sobeck, Kathleen Midget, Tom Tyre, and guest, Chip Reif help work out the details.

We sing because it makes us feel joyous and connected to each other in a positive way. Many voices singing in harmony create a unique and magical sound that touches something deep within us.

Tom leading choir in Rotunda of Raybun Gap Nacoochee School

Here is the choir singing, “Ateh Malkuth” written by Nickomo. Play Sound

Here is the choir singing, “Alleluia”, an old Russian chant. Play Sound

See and hear, “Blackbird” on YouTube (Arranged by Tom Tyre). “Blackbird”

See and hear, “May It Be” on YouTube “May It Be”

Some of our singers taking a break from a recording session at the Rotunda of the Reardon Performing Arts Center at the Rabun Gap Nacoochee School in Rabun Gap, Georgia.

There are two local groups in the Smoky Mountains of NC :

The Franklin group meets on Wednesdays, the Dillsboro group meets on Tuesdays.

We sing in 10 week terms with breaks between.

Occasionally both groups meet to sing together for special events and pot lucks. All are welcome. No experience in singing is required.

Email: ttyre@aol.com

telephone: Tom Tyre, director, 828-421-0520 (updated Oct.2016)
Ubuntu is open to anyone who loves to sing and would like to sing in harmony. The repertoire includes music from all around the world and from our own local traditions. There is no audition to join Ubuntu and no need for experience – just a desire to sing.

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