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Technical Information Page for the Cinnamon Hill Art DigiTal Toy Counter™

DigiTal Toy Counter™

Version #4

(Sound Effects Machine)

Uses:Theater Organ installations, Community theaters, etc. where ever sound effects are desired.

Note: The sound files used on the Cinnamon Hill Art DigiTal Toy Counter™ are derrived from personal sound effect devices and from commercial licensed sources. We do not use sound files from any other Digital Toy Counter sites.

To see if it fits in your organ, download the user manual, print out the last page to make a side view template.

The user manual explains how to install the unit, where to find the audio input of your organ, how to manipulate the sound files, the list of included sound files, etc.

Click here to see the User Manual for the Cinnamon Hill Art DigiTal Toy Counter™ (R5d). (PDF file 2.22Mb).

NOTE: If you are having difficulty downloading the pdf then email me with the subject heading, EDTC and request the pdf.

I will email it to you.

EMAIL: italiano34@hotmail.com.XYZ (remove the .XYZ) I am preventing mail robots from finding my email.

The Cinnamon Hill Art DigiTal Toy Counter™ Version #4 Installation Kit.

All you need to install the DigiTal Toy Counter™ is included in your package. A list of what is included in your package is at the "Ordering" page (Go to Ordering Page)

Size: 15-5/8" long x 2" high x 3-5/16" deep.

MP3 Technical Specification:

Media: SDSC SDHC Micro SD Flash Card, 1GB (1000MB)
File System used:FAT16 or FAT32
Playback: 192kbps Stereo
#Tracks available: up to 255
Number of sound files included: over 90
Number of megabytes used for these sound files: 10
Remaining capacity: 990MB

Additional optional feature and parts for Version #3 DigiTal Toy Counter™.

Would you like to add remote pushbuttons or toe studs to activate the sounds contained in pushbuttons 1 to 16 (#17 and #18 can not be remotely activated) of the Cinnamon Hill Art DigiTal Toy Counter™?

Normally it is not possible to connect lengths of wires directly to the pushbutton board due to the sensitive nature of the input voltage. Doing so will cause all sorts of wrong sounds to play or not play at all.

The Cinnamon Hill Art Optical Coupler board (OC-1) eliminates this problem and will allow you to run long length wires (over 9 feet if necessary) to the most extreme toe stud or pushbutton.

Version #3 and #4 DigiTal Toy Counter™ is equipped with two connectors for the OC-1 boards. This gives the user a total of 16 remote pushbuttons or toe studs if desired.

Some users install a 17 pin terminal strip (16 pushbuttons plus common) at the rear of the organ. Then the wires from each of the OC-1 boards are connected to this terminal strip. Now the user can wire toe studs and/or pushbuttons to the terminal strip.

If the user wires two switches in parallel (to the same terminal) then either of the switches will activate the sound clip. This means that a sound file can be controlled by a pushbutton at the cheek (for instance) and also by a toe stud.

In the photo above, the OC-1 board is shown plugged into the leftmost connector. This will allow the remote control of sound files #1 to #8. There is another connector on the right side which, if the board is plugged into it, then sound files #9 to #16 will be controlled.

If two of these OC-1 boards are purchased then the user will have the ability to control sound files #1 to #16 with 16 remote pushbuttons or toe studs.

The Add-On Optical Coupler board (Product OC-1)for remote pushbuttons installed in the DigiTal Toy Counter.

The Add-On OC-1 board has 10 pins that plug into the Pushbutton Printed circuit board connector. Then the power input from the power supply is un-plugged from the red board and is plugged into the Add-On board. Then the plug from the Add-On board is plugged into the red board.

You have two choices for wiring up your remote pushbuttons. You can either use the rainbow ribbon wire with conector (supplied) or solder your own wires on to the pads provided.

It's that simple! It takes longer to read than to actually do it.

Check out the DigiTal Toy Counter Manual PDF (Revision 5d) for more information on how to wire the add-on Optical Coupler board. Manual

Bud B. used the OC-1 Add-On board

to add 8 pushbuttons on the

left side of his GW319X.

He made the board out of solid walnut and used a Forsner bit to hollow it out.

Andy also made himself a pushbutton block using the white pushbuttons (below).

Shown at left is the P944 Cable Assembly. This is one of the methods used to input audio from the DigiTal Toy Counter™ into the Allen Organ MDS317T audio system as explained in the Installation Manual pdf. Manual

Do you want more information?

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Contact Andy at: email address: italiano34@hotmail.com.XYZ

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Or call at: 828-332-1174 (Updated Feb.2017)

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