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Customer Reviews for the Cinnamon Hill Art DigiTal Toy Counter™

Shown above is Version #3 when the DTC was available in all black or all white pushbuttons.

A new pushbutton layout is now available as Version #4 (below).

The new pushbutton layout gives the organist "benchmarks" (the black pushbuttons) so he/she can easily locate the desired sound clip.

Customer Reviews

I have been considering a toy counter for my Allen George Wright Series GW319EX for quite some time but I just couldn’t justify the heavy expenditure.

When I saw the economical one from Cinnamon Hill Art, I decided to take the plunge. It has been installed now for about 3 weeks and I couldn’t be happier.

I have the upgraded unit that allows me to duplicate the first 8 sounds in a second location. I chose to put these on the accompaniment cheek resembling the installation of a real theatre organ’s tray.

The main 18 buttons controlling all 18 sounds are located under the music rack. I even have a couple of my own mp3 files assigned to several buttons.

Your mp3s can be almost as long as you desire which makes it great for zimbelsterns and storm type effects that need to play as background sounds for accompaniments.

I have changed the sounds many times now based on the silent movie that I am trying to augment. The excellent documentation shows how to change the sounds, add more, and reassign them. This is accomplished by simply renaming the files using my computer.

It was installed in a very short amount of time following the easy instructions. My unit uses the sound system of the GW319EX which was practically “plug n play”. While I am still experimenting with it at this time, I would recommend it highly to anyone looking for a truly inexpensive, customizable toy counter for their theatre organ.

Bud Blubaugh

Stone Mountain, GA

September, 2012

It's a bird, a train, a gong, no, it's a Cinnamon Hill Art DigiTal Toy Counter™!

I just installed one on my Conn 653 Theatre Organ to add toy counter sounds that are not available on my instrument. Its design is simple, making it easy to install.

I decided to add toe studs to my organ to also control the DigiTal Toy Counter™ and that took a little more time, but it is worth it. I've been looking for a digital toy counter for a long time, but most units available on the market were out of my price range. Then I heard about the Cinnamon Hill unit and found it to be a lot more affordable while still offering the features that I wanted.

With its removable micro chip, it is easy to add new sounds to the system using my computer and mp3 files. While the unit was too large to fit under the music rack on my organ, it was compact enough to fit elsewhere and still be easily accessible while playing the organ.

This unit is well designed and well built. I am very pleased with the unit and plan on recommending it to my friends.

Michael Hutcherson, Treasurer, ATOS, 2012


August, 2012

I have a first generation unit which I chose mostly because of the competive I have a first generation unit which I chose mostly because of the competitive pricing. I do not see myself spending any more money and Andys' unit is priced right. I looked into making one myself (after all I made the two organs I have,) however my knowledge of electronics falls short of designing the actual electronics, and nothing commercially available fits the bill.

The unit arrived shortly, and setting it up and powering it was the easiest install I have ever done. Generally, plug and play. Enclosed sounds are good, but the best part is that the toy counter is 100 per cent customizable, and there is never shortage of free mp3 sounds or sound effects on the internet or recording my own, either from acoustical or electronic sources. The enclosed card is capable of storing thousand of MP3s, and assigning them to buttons is a very easy operation.

After the setup is finished, the unit is completely self-sufficient, so no computers are needed to operate it. I am planning on getting the engraved button tops after I figure out what I want. My organ has over a hundred buttons already, so the toy counter is just icing on the cake. None of the Hauptwerk samples I use are this customizable, so with the new unit I get significantly more freedom. I can also reprogram it for every show, and yes, I am planning on using it with the touring organ as well. Enclosed is a picture taken the day I installed the toy counter, and I will get more pics as I get more modifications done to it.

And not the least, by buying this unit I am supporting a fellow ATOS member and a theatre organ owner and player, who was very supportive and interested in my opinion about the unit, instead of some big corporation with "professional" outsourced customer support! I think if more people knew that these units are available, they would sell like hot cakes.

Misha Stefanuk, Organist in Residence at Winters Chapel UMC, staff organist at Earl Smith Strand Theatre, Marietta, Georgia.


Don Auberger

"Hi Andy,

Yes, the tech used the Y cables I had purchased at RadioShack. They were not cheap and I had not returned them yet.

All is fine with the theater organ... I just need to locate a little yellow Reverb gain/ volume pod to turn down the reverb volume---- I think the technician must have accidentally made a change on that when was here.

I love the DTC. It really is a lot of fun and becomes the icing on the cake on some of the pieces I play. Adding it to my organ was a splendid idea----even if I must say so myself !

I'm doing lots of preparation these days on the classical organ in advance of a 2 week French organ study program beginning next week.......Paris, Lyon, Nice, Dole and Rheims.

All the best....


Don Auberger, Cincinnati, Ohio

May, 2013

Note: In this installation, the DigiTal Toy Counter is mounted under the Accompaniment manual.

"Hi Andy,

Everything went like clockwork and when I turned it on it worked as it was supposed to.

The unit is installed beneath the lower keyboard. No need 4 velcro tape. It just snaps into place and it is solid. Drilled a couple of holes and pulled wires into the back of the organ and made proper connections.

Before I could begin I needed help to move this monster. Well we moved it away from the wall about 18" and I was ready to proceed.

I am happy with your unit. The sound is much cleaner than the samples .

When u go to FT.Meyers,do drop in, if uuu have time.


Dunnellon, Florida

August 2, 2013

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